• 50 Years of Excellence In Education

    For 50 years, Coleman University has served as San Diego's ONLY exclusive Computer Training Institution. Founded in 1963, Coleman is recognized as a thriving force in the field of Information Technology. Renowned for its innovative, inverted curriculum, the University has proven to be successful in teaching thousands of students the skills they need to excel within their chosen field.

    The University's motto "Dreams into Reality" is a testament to Coleman's dedication to ensuring that each student is equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to build the future of their dreams. Specializing in programs such as: Software Development, Graphic Design, Network Security, and Game Programming Development and Design, Coleman strives to provide students a top rate educational experience, while offering a supportive, friendly, and encouraging learning environment. Coleman's knowledgeable and supportive administrative staff and faculty further enhances one's learning process and make attending Coleman a wonderful and fulfilling experience. Committed to enhancing the life of its students, Coleman University aspires to maintain academic excellence and professional greatness.

  • Coleman University Philosophy
    Mission Statement

    The mission of Coleman University is:

    To deliver relevant education that prepares individuals for technology-focused careers, while providing an environment where they may develop to their full potential.

    Overall Objectives

    The mission is supported by the following overall objectives.

    Improve the quality of life for every student accepted and every person employed at Coleman University.

    Develop Coleman University as an outstanding teaching institution whose accelerated, career- focused programs satisfy industry needs and respond to changing market demands.

    Prepare students for both entry-level employment and leadership roles in information technology and business.

    Promote a collaborative environment where team-based decisions foster change as a means for continuous improvement.

    Maintain innovative leadership in curriculum design and continuously improve pedagogy and instructional practices that support outstanding teaching and learning.

    Attract and retain high-quality faculty and staff who perform their duties in a superior manner and are sensitive to the needs of students and graduates.

    Operate a financially stable institution whose resources are sufficient to achieve all strategic objectives and withstand adverse economic conditions.

    Connect Coleman University to its graduates, the San Diego community, and technology and business industries through institutional outreach and development programs.

University Catalog

Download the Coleman University Catalog. For a printed copy please see the reception desk.

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