Student Life

Coleman University offers a traditional campus experience and encourages the formation of clubs and participation in student-oriented organizations. We hold seminars, workshops, and other events to help prepare students for academic success. Keep an eye out for an occasional BBQ or radio station appearance.

We’re involved in many off-campus events, supporting local arts, armed services, and charitable organizations.

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Tailgate Party Recap

September 1st marked Coleman University’s annual Tailgate Party. Students and staff got into the game spirit and wore their favorite jerseys and joined us  for some bbq.
Those who joined were able to have free food, play games and enter a raffle to win awesome prizes!

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Do You Need Help Studying?

While it might feel like the term just started, we’re already in week 4 and that means midterms are just around the corner.

Here are some ways Coleman is here to help you get the most out of your study time. The library is open Monday through Thursday. It has a lounge and several computer work stations which are great for study sessions and finishing homework in a quiet atmosphere. The Center For Academic Success has teachers assistants on hand to help you in the morning and evening

Teachers are available after class to help with any problems you might have.

We want you to succeed so take advantage of what Coleman has to offer!


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Have You Filled Out A Graduation Application?

If you’re ready to graduate, you need to fill out a graduation application. More

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Genshiken: Weekly Anime Club


Genshiken is a student run organization that focuses on ‘the study of modern visual culture’. More

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Dynamic Selfies Coming Soon?

It’s a common known fact that people love to document their passions. That passion could be painting or car engines; or even just your new makeup or tech gadget. With documenting comes sharing, which our generation is very eager to do. Now with rising technologies and the explosion of social media, it has become an almost integral part of our day to document or ‘blog’ about ourselves.

With Instagram, people are able to share things they’ve found, new ideas as well as new looks through images. Combined with Facebook, it’s a constant stream of what people are up to. So what is the next big thing for our ‘selfie’ focused generation? Maybe Hovercams?

As absurd as that sounds it’s close to becoming a thing. Drone technology is on the rise, which will eventually lead to personal drone. It also isn’t that big of a step from having phones in our pockets 24/7, which we use to take pics and upload onto social media sites. Having one that can hover outside of your arm span to take the perfect selfie. Developers are working on the ‘Nixie’, a quadcopter camera drone — currently in the prototype phase — that’s designed to be flexible and lightweight enough to wrap around your wrist. When a selfie opportunity arises the Nixie detaches, flies to a likely spot, hovers and takes a picture.

Very similar to sic fi stories, but it looks promising. The idea was also used in the popular book series, ‘Uglies’ by Scott Westerfeld. In the 4th book, everyone has their own hover cam and news feed to post about themselves or their interests, when they want. The cams came in different sizes, heavy-duty large drones or ‘swarms’ of mini drones that constantly record their owner’s lives. This would be a step up from the selfie shots and could lead to other uses such as an upgrade to body cams worn by police.
It will be interesting to see the development of these devices.


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Meet & Greet With Matt Soseman

Matt Soseman is an IT Consultant at Microsoft working with large enterprise companies and government agencies across the United States, helping customers solve complex business problems
using technology. More

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Fall Graduation Ceremony

Our Fall Graduation Ceremony is Saturday, September 26th, at 9am. Please see the Student Services department for an Application for Graduation or download one here. Visit for more information.





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Join The 3D Printing Club

3D printers are starting to take the plunge into the mainstream consumer home market. People are now printing their consumer goods from home. Anything from a drinking cup to a superhero action figure, fashion accessories, home goods, or mechanical parts. More

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Veteran & Active Duty Job Fairs

Here are a few upcoming career fairs for current and former military personnel. More

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