• The next graduation ceremony will be Saturday, October 1st, at Coleman University in Hopper Hall.

    Graduates are required to stay for the duration of the ceremony. Tickets are not required. Guest seating is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    Graduates with disabilities who desire any assistive devices, services, or other accommodations, please contact the campus ADA Coordinator.

Application for Graduation

The Application for Graduation can be obtained online or through your Academic Advisor.

The Application for Graduation is required regardless of whether a student decides to participate in the ceremony. The application is an “exit interview” in that it requires students to meet with various departments to ensure graduation eligibility. Once all listed departments have signed off, the Student Services Department will collect and process the application.


A student who has completed the degree requirements for their program or a student with 24 units remaining in the undergraduate program, or 10 in the graduate program, may participate in the commencement ceremony. In order for students to receive their diploma, the Graduation Application Department Checklist must be completed. Diplomas will not be given at graduation, they will be sent via mail to the address provided by the student on the Graduation Application form.