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Computer Networks Program

Computer Networks Program

College of Computer Networks

Associate of Science Degree

This program offers students the basic technical skills to establish and enhance a career in computer networking. In addition, students develop important human relations and communication skills for advancement in the areas of customer service and management. The units earned apply to the Bachelor of Science program within limitations. (Please see catalog sections "Changes in Degree Requirements," "Residence Requirements," and "Credit Age Limitations.")

The graduate will have an understanding of computer hardware, software, programming concepts, and networks, with a primary emphasis in network administration. Graduates of this program are able to perform the functions of a PC/Network Support Technician as well as install and configure the necessary hardware and software to support a local area network infrastructure.

Bachelor of Science Degree

This program is designed to provide students with the educational foundation for management positions in the network technology field. Areas of emphasis include a sound knowledge of technical skills, concepts of management and human relations, and a study of mathematics and physical sciences. Graduates of this program are prepared for leadership responsibilities in the planning, evaluation and supervision of computer service activities.

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