Software Development Program

Classes include:

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Programming Logic and Design
  • Web Interface Development
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Client-Side Web Programming
  • SQL and Database Design
  • Software Testing
  • Server-Side Web Programming
  • Mobile Development
  • Systems Design and Implementation

College of Information Sciences

It's a Software Revolution

From Software Developer to Database Designer to Web Programmer, these knowledgeable, high-profile professionals are the backbone of the IT industry. Every great journey starts with a first step- at Coleman University, there's a class for that.

Whether you're just entering the job market or making a career change, the Application Development program at Coleman University can prepare you to learn new programming languages, architectures, and paradigms to create new software applications.

What can you do with a degree? U.S. News & World Report released their 100 Best Jobs of 2014, with the #1 overall job being Software Developer. Rounding out the top 25 on the list are: Computer Systems Analyst (#2), Web Developer (#9), Database Administrator (#12), and IT Manager (#24).

Forbes ranked Software Developer as #1 in their Top Jobs For 2014 with Web Developer coming in at #6 and Database Administrator at #8.

Students in the Software Development program learn the fundamentals of systems analysis, application (solution) design, website development, and e-commerce concepts required to begin a career in the Information Technology (IT) industry. Students will have designed programming solutions in several languages on many popular platforms, and possess an understanding of computing principles with an emphasis in application (solution) development.

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