Do You Need A Transcript Evaluation?

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Third Party Course-by-Course Transcript Evaluation- what is it and why is it a requirement?

When an international student is applying to a university in America, the process can seem daunting. For a successful application process the best method is the simplest: start early and be organized. One crucial step of the admission process is ordering your transcript evaluation from a third party agency. Coleman University recommends the following reliable and reasonably priced agencies:, and International students often ask if they can simply submit their official, unopened and sealed transcripts that they may have in their personal file in lieu of the transcript evaluation. The answer is no. Those types of transcripts are a nice addition to your admission file, but they are NOT a substitute for the third party, course-by-course transcript evaluation.

Why does Coleman University require a course-by-course transcript evaluation? There are several reasons. First, the evaluation provides us with an evaluation report that states the U.S. equivalence of your foreign education. It’s a standard practice in the U.S. educational system and required by all major universities.

Secondly, we require a course-by-course evaluation because it lists the subjects you have completed in terms of U.S. credit hours and grade point average (GPA). This enables Coleman University to understand what you have studied and to see if you are a good fit for our programs. School curriculum varies from country to country, not only in language but also in practice. Many schools accepting international students from outside the U.S. need to verify the authenticity of documents. This is where the course-by-course transcript evaluation comes into play. Outside agencies are well-versed in the curriculum and educational systems of the world. They are the subject matter experts. As such, they provide us with a reliable, standardized measurement of your achievements. Being able to review a course-by-course transcript evaluation allows Coleman University to better assess your performance, achievements, and ability. Furthermore, the transcript evaluation helps with transferring applicable credits to your new course of study.

If you are interested in attending Coleman University, we highly-recommend that you order the third party transcript evaluation sooner rather than later. We recommend using because our international admissions office has direct access to their database. Using standard or ‘snail mail’ may make take several weeks.

If you have any questions please contact our International Admissions Officer at 858-966-3954.

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