Software Development student creates program to simplify search for textbooks

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Starting a new semester is rarely a smooth process. From creating a workable class schedule to locating your new classrooms, the transition to a new semester often brings stress and confusion for students. However, a new application developed by a Coleman University student will alleviate one of the most problematic issues that students face at the beginning of each new semester. Ryan Jones, a student in the Software Development program, recently developed an application that will help students find the correct versions of their textbooks for each of their classes. Using JavaScript, JSON, jQuery, and Bootstrap Framework (HTML and CSS), Ryan was able to create an innovative Single Page Application. After bringing the idea to the administration at Coleman University, Ryan met with the IT department to discuss the ins and outs of the application. From there it did not take long before the application was live and linked to the Coleman University website for student use.

With new editions of textbooks printed nearly every year, students often fall into the trap of buying an outdated copy. To combat this, Ryan designed his application to display a list of required textbooks when the user enters the course ID. He used the individual ISBN numbers for almost all of the required textbooks at Coleman to build the repository of pictures and information for each book. This ensures that students are buying the correct versions rather than having to search physical shelves or a seemingly endless online database of past editions. Even more conveniently, the application has a link built in to compare process online across multiple websites. With the rising cost of college textbooks, Ryan’s application helps students find the best deal possible with the click of a mouse.

When asked about his motivation for creating this application, Ryan said that he saw a need and tried to fill it. With the software development industry’s focus on candidates with real life experience, Ryan’s initiative in addressing an issue in his own life that he saw as problematic will serve him well in his career. He plans to take this application framework and develop his own Japanese to English dictionary in the future.

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