College Scorecard: Coleman University

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The White House

The White House published an online College Scorecard to help students in their college search. Coleman University was highlighted in a CNN Money article discussing the new service:

There’s a ton of info about colleges. But when it comes down to it, what most students really need to know is how much it’s going to cost them and if they’ll land a job after graduation.

They named Harvey Mudd, University of Maryland-College Park, Coleman University in San Diego, and Bismark State College as schools whose students graduate on time, get good jobs and can pay off their loans quickly. Source: CNN Money

“We are excited to be viewed as an exemplar in such distinguished company,” said Norbert J. Kubilus, Interim President & CEO. “Coleman University has a terrific team of faculty and staff with a ‘student first’ attitude and a passion for preparing our graduates to be leaders in their careers and communities.”

To learn more about Coleman University or schedule a campus tour, browse our home page at or call 858-499-0202.

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