Welcome, International Students

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Why study at Coleman University?    

Why not study at Coleman University is the real question. Coleman University is centrally located in San Diego, known for its near perfect weather, beautiful beaches, and great people. San Diego has all the attractions of a big city without the large population, traffic, noise, and nonsense. We have the world famous San Diego Zoo, professional sports teams like the San Diego Chargers and San Diego Padres, and an energetic nightlife in the popular downtown Gaslamp District. If you want to get away for a weekend, we’re just a few hours from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Mexico.

Coleman University has been a well-respected higher education leader for over 50 years.  We offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs for technology-based careers with a commitment to providing our international students a positive educational experience.

Coleman University alumni work in high-demand tech jobs.  We strongly welcome and encourage international students to apply. If you are interested in a non-profit university with a track record of success, Coleman University is the place for you.  Don’t forget San Diego’s fantastic weather, friendly & safe community, and technology-focused industries!

For more information about our international students’ admissions process, please contact me by calling 858-966-3954 or via email.

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