Graduation FAQ

  • How often is graduation?

    Graduation is held semi-annually, during the spring and fall.

    How do I know if I am graduating?

    You can meet with your academic advisor to determine if you have satisfied all degree requirements.

    Do I need to apply for graduation?

    Yes, you need to complete the Application for Graduation. The Application for Graduation can be obtained online or at the Student Services Department. Students enrolled in their last term are required to complete the application. Students who wish to walk prior to their last term also need to submit the application.

    What steps do I need to take to complete The Application for Graduation?

    If you are in your last term, then you do need to meet with each of the departments listed to be cleared. If you have pending items, you still submit the application after meeting with each department but your degree can only be released once you have addressed any pending items.

    If you are a student who decides to walk a term before completing your degree, meaning you have 12 or less undergraduate units or 10 or less graduate units pending completion, you still need to submit the Application for Graduation but will not need to obtain signatures until your last term. Therefore, you will need to submit two applications.

    Is attending the graduation ceremony mandatory?

    While attending the graduation ceremony is not mandatory, we highly encourage students to attend since it is part of the culmination of your hard work and the University would like to highlight this major accomplishment.

    When do I get my degree?

    You can pick up your degree or have your degree mailed to you five business days after the graduation ceremony.

    Who do I talk to about graduation?

    You can email the Graduation Coordinator

    How is the Valedictorian assigned?

    The Valedictorian is selected by highest GPA.

    Do I need to purchase my cap and gown?

    Yes, Coleman University has partnered with Jostens to provide you high quality regalia.

    Can I participate in the graduation ceremony if I still have one more term left to complete my degree?

    Yes, if you are an undergraduate and 12 or less units away from completing your degree requirements, you may participate. Furthermore, if you are a graduate student with 10 or less units away from completing your degree, you may participate.

    When will my transcript show my degree is conferred?

    The date appearing on the degree will be the last day of your last term and not the day of the graduation ceremony.