Budget Calculator

The calculator is tool meant to assist you in creating a budget for your academic career. For best results, please be as accurate as possible when entering your expenses and resources/income. Coleman University is not responsible for incorrect calculations or balances and encourages students to speak with their Financial Aid representative. The net price calculator must be viewed in a browser that is JavaScript compatible. For any technical questions please email the webmaster.

Expenses Resources/Income
Education: $ Family Contribution: $
Housing: $ Financial Assistance: $
Food: $ Non-Taxable Income: $
Transportation: $ Financial Aid Grants: $
Health: $ Federal Direct Loans: $
Personal/Misc.: $ Loans: $
Entertainment: $ Scholarships: $
In-School Interest: $ Employment: $
Dependent Care: $ Other Inc./Resources: $
Emergencies: $
Other Expenses: $
Total Expenses: $ Total Income: $

Your balance (income - expense) is: $